Make Money Typing Online

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Make Money Typing Online in Your Spare Time

We all dream of becoming an author and publishing endless streams of novels for our adoring fans. But the reality is that most of us need to get those monthly bills paid, which inevitably becomes a distraction. Still, if you want to put your typing talents to good use, a few options are available online for those with rapid-fire fingers and a willingness to simply type to make a living. Let’s look at a few options – and we’ll give an honest opinion on each.

Surveys and marketing research

One way to make money typing online is through paid surveys and market research programs. Many companies need people like you to complete these tasks, where you have to type out your opinions or answer questions about products and services. These surveys can pay anywhere from $0.50 to $20 per survey and often take 15 minutes or less to complete.

However, the reality is that the vast majority of survey sites pay peanuts, and you’re unlikely to make much money with this approach. Also, you may be asked for sensitive information, which can open up a world of potential privacy issues.

Overall, we’ve got a very cynical view of these survey sites – and wouldn’t recommend them as a reliable way to make money, but in a pinch, they might be worth a try.

Micro writing jobs

Micro-jobs may be the way to go if you’re looking for a more reliable type of work. These small tasks employers need to be done quickly and cheaply – and can often involve typing or data entry. You can find micro-job sites online and choose tasks that fit your abilities. Examples include Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Microworkers.

These micro-jobs usually pay much better than surveys – anywhere from $2 to $15 per task – but the difficulty of these tasks will vary depending on the employer, and you may have to deal with more communication and rules than it is worth to get paid.

The great thing about micro-jobs is that they tend to pay more than survey sites, and you can often find tasks that match your skill set. You might even be able to set up a regular income stream by working for multiple employers at once.

Make Money Typing Online

Transcription Services

Another viable option for making money typing is to provide transcription services. In this role, you could transcribe audio or video into written text – such as interviews, lectures, or webinars. Depending on the source material and turnaround time, you could get paid anywhere from $0.25 to $5 per minute of audio or video transcribed.

This type of work is more reliable than micro-jobs and surveys, as it often involves regular employers with ongoing transcription needs. It also can pay much better than other options – depending on the employer and the complexity of the audio or video material.

Overall, transcription can be a great way to make money typing online – and you can do it on your own schedule. If you’ve got great finger dexterity and an eye for details, then this might be the perfect way to make money typing online. It’s certainly one we recommend as a way for the more serious money-makers to get a reliable income online.

Make Money Typing Online

Data Entry Jobs

Another way to make money typing is through data entry jobs. These require you to enter specific information into databases or spreadsheets – such as addresses, customer names, account numbers, or other details. You can find these jobs on many online job boards or from employers directly.

These jobs can pay anywhere from $8 to $20 an hour – with the higher end of that range reserved for those with more experience and specialized skills. If you’re looking for a steady income stream, then data entry may be the way to go. However, it can be tedious and not as easy to find work in this field as it is with other types of typing jobs.

Overall, data entry can be a great way to make money typing – if you can stick with the job long enough to build up experience and get hired by more employers. It may require some patience on your part, but the pay can be well worth it.

Make Money Typing Online

Virtual Assistant Jobs

The second to last type of typing job we’ll discuss is virtual assistant jobs. In this role, you could provide administrative or other services to employers who need help with scheduling, data entry, research, and more.

These jobs typically pay anywhere from $10 to $25 an hour, depending on the employer’s needs and experience. You could find virtual assistant jobs directly from employers or through sites like Upwork.

Overall, virtual assistant jobs can be a great way to make money typing online, especially once you developed a number of regular clients. The role provided flexible hours, a steady income stream, and growth potential – as long as you are willing to work and develop your virtual assistant skills. You don’t need any specialized knowledge or experience to start.

Make Money Typing Online

Freelance Writing

Of course, if you’ve got the talent to write, maybe you should be doing more with it than just typing mechanically for others. Why not use your skills to become a freelance writer and make money writing online?

Freelance writing can pay anywhere from $5 to $200 an hour, depending on your job. And with so many websites looking for content – such as blogs, articles, and product descriptions – there are plenty of opportunities. You can begin growing your reputation by beginning on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork, where clients will ask you to write all manner of things.

As your portfolio grows, you can specialise in a particular field or type of writing. This will help you command higher rates and work with more reputable clients. Make sure to gradually build up your writing profile – create a blog, join forums, complete projects on time, and market yourself whenever possible.

Overall, there are many different ways to make money typing online. Whether it’s transcription, data entry, virtual assistant work, or freelance writing, each option can provide a steady income stream if you have the skills and dedication. Before committing to any option, research the position thoroughly and determine the best way to make money typing for you. Good luck!

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